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Make Money with Keen.com - FREE call

Keen®, Your Personal Advisor, provides live, immediate advice for your everyday life. At  KEEN, you browse the listings of people selling their advice to find the right advisor for you. After choosing an advisor, you'll be connected to that person live over the phone. Your privacy is ensured because Keen makes the call--your phone number and other personal information are never revealed.
Anyone with knowledge and advice to share can become an advisor by selling what they know, on topics ranging from personal advice to computers and taxes. Advisors can create listings (on the website) and personal greetings (on the 800 number) to describe the information and advice they have to offer. Advisors set their own per-minute fee for each listing they create, keeping 62%.
Quality advice is ensured through Keen's consumer-based feedback and rating system, as well as through the credential verification service.
Concept: Get Paid to Advice Online and Make Money in Home
Availability: No geographical restriction, anybody can join.
Payment Type: You'll receive payment via Express Pay, direct deposit or check.

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