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Here are FIVE GREAT Reasons Why Everyone in the U.S. Should Use Lightyear Wireless

Reason One: FREE Service
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Transfer your phone number to Lightyear No Contract Service and get the 1st month of service for FREE! Save up to $59.99 in savings by simply switching your existing phone number to Lightyear. If you do not currently have an active phone number, you can get a NEW number and receive your 6th month FREE!

Reason Three: Great Plans on a Nationwide 3G Network
Lightyear Wireless offers FIVE No Contract plans starting from $20 monthly, including our UNLIMITED Everything plan for JUST $59.99 a month with NO DATA CAPS!

Reason Four: 10 Great Phones to Choose From with Lightyear Wireless
ANDROID phones, SmartPhones, Slider Phones, Flip Phones all priced starting from JUST $39.99!

Reason Five: 4 Easy Renewal Options
Set up automatic billing
Call our automated phone renewal system
Call customer support
Pay online
There has NEVER been a BETTER time than NOW to JOIN Lightyear Wireless!



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